Betting as a marketing tool.


Betting more or less for mainstream people historically usually associates with sport or contest event result prediction. That is a business niche, which carries one of the most biggest income shares in the world.

Some countries are more active in this industry than others, for example in Europe UK & Ireland are the ones which uses this tool in a daily agenda. Not sure, it might be the laws as well as society ethical norms for centuries in each region to support or to pressure down this way of influencing the economy.

This niche is alternative to gaming industry & similar or close in it’s character to online broker’s field. That mean – a lot of unknown, large not controlled deals & ways of using this in a benefit of some certain parts of economy & controlling society mood towards certain things, brands, events.

Betting is done  pretty much on everything in our days. The most popular one in latest months were about British Royal Baby name & sex, which clearly showed the way how some brands were & still are spotted out in this event by betting on everything what he will wear & in which wheels he will be driven.


Usually we see in  movies & read on stories, that betting is a looser thing to do, that desperate people with financial burdens seek for this kind of easy way of getting money, kind of gambling. But that’s some stereotype which of course in some point might be true (have no statistics about that) several decades ago, but today we see that betting is an industry which is supported by clients, which not necessarily are pure or devastated, they come form average families, they come now from business offices & people who just seek for some engagement during the routine days, not talking about big deals agreed between companies which are behind influential events.

There is a movie, without any action (despite Bruce Willis acting there as a 1st star) Lay the Favorite (2012) which reveals to us that betting isn’t necessarily done by some certain type of suspicious people in some groovy, dark street in the area of the city, where nobody want’s to be seen.

If You are a small business owner, You definitely do need a betting companies to be alive & active, the big ones are just dealing with them as a marketing tools already.


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