Fashion bloggers as a gap between fashion brand advertising departments and glossy magazines.


As any lady, i love those glossy magazines, where celebrities or models are posing in thousands of brands coming out of Fashion industry. It is well know way of monetizing popularity as well as measuring brand’s value in certain audience by making someone, who is admired by millions, a face for the fashion brand.

Now, when internet becomes more dominant in the magazine media, besides of on-line versions of feminine magazines, they must deal, interact, use this quite fresh leverage called Fashion blogging or fashionistas side by side to celebrities & well paid models.

For example this is the TOP 10 fashion bloggers by those are the most visited personal fashion blogs at the moment.

And this is the TOP 50 of celebrities, which are “used” or which “reflect” the fashion industry not by blogging themselves, but by their appearing in front of cameras & etc daily, comes from


Some self made, some – created or tangled by the industry, some even grown-up by the fancy, luxurious, stylish labels, but in the end they all are a huge benefit to the whole fashion world.. in most of the times, especially in the beginning of being a fashionista it is a free advertisement to fashion brands, later on if blog is successful sites’ traffic can be monetized not only by mainstream affiliate programs.
So, a blogger & as well as actress works as an advertisement manager outsourcer for brands, which later on , when blog reached certain number of visitors (followers) per day or a star gained certain popularity rating, choose them as a representatives & share as gifts or compliments their items, or make “projects” together & represent them on web as well as on TV & in press.

In the end in this chain everybody is connected & benefiting each from other, it might change with a time, if web overcomes print media even more & more, but this time, this moment, when fashionistas despite being out there for several years already, are quite new channel or even “profession” , is the perfect time of being spotted out by those large magazines & monetize , and even make permanent & valuable their work, as they are always looking at influences on masses on street (or on web in this case).

Picture 12

For a readers point of view this can be a huge step of getting more familiar, selected, a bit closer information, look, advertisements to them, as Fashionistas act as information ambassadors on a level between well known magazines & advertisement departments of fashion companies, which sometimes might be a bit too far for larger range of fashion lovers, if we think about economical gap between those who really can afford brands & those who dream of wearing them thru magazines, fashionistas’ approaches and info sharing , if included in beloved glittering magazines, could narrow down the gap, mix luxury with street often, teach huge companies to come-up with product lines for wider range of new target groups.

More information channels – better media, more useful products by brands we love.

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