Must wealth of monarchy be somehow connected to the wealth and influence of the country it represents?


Yap! Of course they do That thing as well!  You can reach them on twitter, facebook and other social media sites, not mentioning television, which they hooked-on long, long time ago already! An agent or some kind of representative will be posting in a name of this brand of course, but that’s what you’re expecting anyway…

So many scandals of non-approved pictures in magazines & over the web… Of course people are the main drive for band of BRF , as they chase for seeing something ugly or nice in monarchs lifes’ to feed their appetite for self merit . That’s from the story: ” look, how they dare?, if they can, why we can’t?” or ” when we were growing, that was not the fashion Royal family was showing”.. anything can be interpreted in various ways, but definitely they has some agency , which works for them, how does the look, how does their names appear in all print & web media… but something is not done quite right, if we dig deeper…


So, why do they keep their name “hot” & closer to the headlines? Doubt that England will ever in a hundred years change the way how their country is structured, so the earnings, of course is the one thing of why they need to be recognized, influencing, well known & etc.. British Royal Family isn’t only the Majesty of Queen, but all other members of family , who runs all kind of businesses & well known name is better leverage than not so known. But solid & respectable name could be THE BEST tool of course. In our days money is tide closely to the word/image spreading, as wealth of monarchy must be somehow connected to the wealth of the country it represents. So, see the Top 10 richest countries in the world here.


And if we look at the list of the Top 10 wealthiest royals in the world in this list, then we don’t see those faces we used to see quite often in worlds’ news headlines & as a hot topics online in social media..
Here You can find lately released official info about wealth of BRF.. so , scandalous and the most recognizable Royal brand isn’t actually so successful.. So, maybe all those PR actions done by them or happened they accidentally, whatever, really are damaging or slowing growth of the wealth & influence this brand could have if managed in different way.

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