Think again, do i really LIKE this?

Are we going to loose our feelings of humanity over the next generations?

Radio, tv & newspapers as mass coding media for baby boomers, facebook & other social media for generation Z, and X & Y generations left in the middle using both earlier mentioned partly… but one thing common: all gens now are “coded” to stay immune… (don’t share Your feelings or LIKE) especially those, which are using “coolest” socializing brands in daily lives now. It is efficient to minimize options, so users can easily express themselves, but i doubt those options can be used for all events, for example:

one he/she sits on a sofa in a warm place after tasty meal & press I LIKE, this “astonishing” photo of storm or fire , or car crash, or starving refugee camp, where people lost their living  or even lives, maybe he/she would feel more comfortable to press I SAW this or I FEEL SORRY for this in stead of I LIKE this, but there are no options! And in the end it seems not human at all. Computers can’t judge, but we still can, so, why don’t we do that?

It looks like in the evolution we will just loose our feeling of compassion?

It would be just normal to add other kind of buttons under messages on social media, except I LIKE this, or i SHARE this for others to, again, LIKE this… I agree that this works for commercial and personal messages, but what about bad news? doesn’t fit so much anymore. it would be so great that mass media could take some part in educating people, helping them to express, to think, not otherwise, at least on real life topics, not commercial ones, of course, as that it the other side of doing business, building brand value & share price.

Even color is NEUTRAL blue, soon user emotions will seem to be completely neutral to everything.

how about not loosing humanity? sense of compassion? – instead of attracting others towards Your own semi-personality somewhere there online, or just not thinking of what one really feels…. How about  expressing something even if there is no time to write or say, but click on more logical option panel.

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