A need of Self-actualization even in hard times, brings wealth for some brands.

Each end every time, when some disaster strikes, social media usage brands grows, top-listed topic’s clicks & views showers the soil for coming-up advertises. Companies owning these brands are doing no harm to humanity actually by themselves & they are not over-stepping any ethical borders, to be real, they just gives the space & opportunity to reveal our true human nature, let’s remember school years, where everyone saw this Maslow’s pyramid at least once. See the NEED in the top of the triangle, & say Yes to your ego. More or less we all live daily by fulfilling a pieces of our nature, particularly Self-Actualization can be reached thru anything, what involves our mental side to be reviewed by other humans, no matter one or more, we just need in some way to obtain that feeling-drug during the day by attracting some focus of others to us, our work, our goals, aims, achievements: real ones or fake ones, true ones or imagined ones, meaningful as well as those those – created without any sense!

As many of us, i start my day by browsing news & social sites, to be honest, it is almost impossible to avoid them anymore, as all news sites are bounded to Facebook, Instagram , Foresquare & etc.. This topic on theatlantic.com grabbed my attention after i saw several images on twitter, Instagram & Facebook with headlines about Storm Sandy, yes, yes, the MOST popular theme today (even hundred of days of someone in refugee camp somewhere in africa can’t beat one day of storm in NY city…). Topic reveals us which picture out there on web is REAL & which one is FAKE! & i thought, why would someone want to spend time & work on photoshop or grab some picture from archive or movie screen to post it on web by reflecting non-real feelings or information?

There might be several reasons of that, but in a conclusion they all fit to the top of the Maslow’s pyramid, shared above, definitely not to 2nd level of that triangle, which would be normal, to report & post photo because of SAFETY reasons of loved ones or to share Your location, or to report more about real scene, or maybe eve yes – share feelings on that scary accident or something unpleasant, but at least that makes One feel safer himself.. that all would be fine! But what we see one more pattern in our society, people instead of spending their lives with some sense, waste time & fakes-up photos of some dreadful story of others. Sure, that for those, who are trapped somewhere with cold feet in the water, to know that someone is sitting in photo-editing software & getting attention while he is safe, may seem ridiculous… if not more.

Out of human nature, even the dumb side, brands such as Instagram, Twitter & Facebook gain a commercial benefit! Perfect! I would say just brilliant! Cause their product they are offering (a space for sharing, getting attention, feel connected) – is psychologically  essential for they users.

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