Oumm, this is sooo sweet! a pink & just happy advertisement by #GoldieBlox spotted out @ #SuperBowl & a tactful quote from Tech Crunch: “Hopefully more companies will figure out how to make attention-grabbing ads without resorting to crass stereotypes.
Класная и и такая милая реклама! розовый и просто счястливый ролик от #GoldieBlox для показа на #SuperBowl и вот и приятный комент от Tech Crunch: “Надежда что всё болше компаный придумакт путь как привлеч внимание – создавая ролики не прибегая к грубым стереотипам.”

Originally posted on TechCrunch:

On Sunday night, about 110 million people turned on their TVs to watch a series of lavish, expensively produced 30-second skits interspersed with live footage of men throwing a ball around. Fox Sports charged up to $4.5 million for each ad spot this year, with companies like Anheuser-Busch, Chevrolet, and Pepsi coughing the record-breaking figure.

But one of the most notable ads was created by a 15-person tech startup called GoldieBlox, which makes engineering toys for little girls. The San Francisco-based company announced four days ago that it won Intuit’s Small Business, Big Game challenge, landing one of the year’s most coveted advertising spots.

(GoldieBlox’s Super Bowl ad also helps distract from its legal battle with the Beastie Boys, who are suing the company for using an unauthorized parody of “Girls.” The Super Bowl ad played a cover of “Cum Feel The Noize” by Slade that was…

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Betting as a marketing tool.


Betting more or less for mainstream people historically usually associates with sport or contest event result prediction. That is a business niche, which carries one of the most biggest income shares in the world.

Some countries are more active in this industry than others, for example in Europe UK & Ireland are the ones which uses this tool in a daily agenda. Not sure, it might be the laws as well as society ethical norms for centuries in each region to support or to pressure down this way of influencing the economy.

This niche is alternative to gaming industry & similar or close in it’s character to online broker’s field. That mean – a lot of unknown, large not controlled deals & ways of using this in a benefit of some certain parts of economy & controlling society mood towards certain things, brands, events.

Betting is done  pretty much on everything in our days. The most popular one in latest months were about British Royal Baby name & sex, which clearly showed the way how some brands were & still are spotted out in this event by betting on everything what he will wear & in which wheels he will be driven.


Usually we see in  movies & read on stories, that betting is a looser thing to do, that desperate people with financial burdens seek for this kind of easy way of getting money, kind of gambling. But that’s some stereotype which of course in some point might be true (have no statistics about that) several decades ago, but today we see that betting is an industry which is supported by clients, which not necessarily are pure or devastated, they come form average families, they come now from business offices & people who just seek for some engagement during the routine days, not talking about big deals agreed between companies which are behind influential events.

There is a movie, without any action (despite Bruce Willis acting there as a 1st star) Lay the Favorite (2012) which reveals to us that betting isn’t necessarily done by some certain type of suspicious people in some groovy, dark street in the area of the city, where nobody want’s to be seen.

If You are a small business owner, You definitely do need a betting companies to be alive & active, the big ones are just dealing with them as a marketing tools already.


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Nike & Adidas are mainstream brands in sneaker niche for now & yeah , that’s why You can definitely extract some trends out of their sale numbers per regions.

Originally posted on 24/7 Wall St.:

Nike swoosh logo (black)Global athletic and apparel maker Adidas released better-than-expected quarterly earnings. So did rival Nike Inc. (NYSE: NKE) about a month ago. Given the hundreds of millions of athletic shoes sold by them each year, in addition to the clothing each sells and the number of markets in which they operate, their results may not be a bad proxy for the global consumer economy.

According to the Adidas first-quarter earnings release:

In the first quarter of 2013, Group revenues were stable on a currency-neutral basis as a result of sales increases in Retail and Other Businesses. Currency translation effects had a negative impact on sales in euro terms. Group revenues decreased 2% to € 3.751 billion in the first quarter of 2013 from € 3.824 billion in 2012.


Retail sales increased 6% versus the prior year, driven by sales growth at both adidas and Reebok.

As should have been expected, sales in…

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Russian approach of getting themselves spotted out for Olympics in Sochi 2014.


Deserved? in which way? i mean distinctive each form other as distinctive are countries running them. Quite official & abstract, but view in numbers about this theme is here, for those who knows Russian language, this video will be one of those fantastic discussion led by Ksenya Sobchak about this theme here.

To run an epic 5 ring games , it should bring a POSITIVE feedback about the country, where they are hosted in a default  – that’s something like an old saying. But have You noticed that it really is not so.. actually smth bad is revealed in a front lines before games starts each 2 years, each time before spectacle begins! Each time, when the games are prepared, something very wrong or something what damages a PR, is dug out of the character or the overall look of the hosting country.


In Russia it is something very ridiculous (not a strange visuals, not a human rights or bad trucks (of course we don’t know it yet, hopefully of course no), as this country is very specific on its own in all its aspects..  Everyone is talking about money, which comes not only form the Russians budget, but from so called Russian Oligarchs under pressure or by good will, who the hell knows that kitchen truly, but it really makes so much noise about amounts of money in the air in Russian federation while people are living still in bad conditions just right outside of the Moscow… So, for whom the impression is made? for investors? for tourists? for other countries (like a lying propaganda in a times of Cold War, that “we live better than others”, instead of revealing sad truth that majority actually live worse)?..

Doesn’t this seems very strange and so against Olympic Games’ true initial values? Games for everyone, games which unite, games which compare by physicals, games which should bring prosperity & order in places, where they are hosted?


Other way how to explain this is to see Russia as a child, which wants to show , what it actually has not. If You can not shine with something good, You shine with something what actually does not make sense. I their case – money, which could be used for getting in order this huge country. Why to shine with the money assets, if Your people mainly lives without them? why to host the most expensive games so far, if everything else is so far away from being the best in this country? why to pretend, why to be fake? For sure, that’s only for economy & politics once again. Not bad, not good, t is just the way it is, specific character has this federation, so deserved topics are on the spotlight this year before the games, lets’ enjoy, those who can: Sochi 2014

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London 2012 design icons – the Olympic mascots.

Olympic logo London 2012, Why does bad reputation is so sticky?

Fashion bloggers as a gap between fashion brand advertising departments and glossy magazines.


As any lady, i love those glossy magazines, where celebrities or models are posing in thousands of brands coming out of Fashion industry. It is well know way of monetizing popularity as well as measuring brand’s value in certain audience by making someone, who is admired by millions, a face for the fashion brand.

Now, when internet becomes more dominant in the magazine media, besides of on-line versions of feminine magazines, they must deal, interact, use this quite fresh leverage called Fashion blogging or fashionistas side by side to celebrities & well paid models.

For example this is the TOP 10 fashion bloggers by those are the most visited personal fashion blogs at the moment.

And this is the TOP 50 of celebrities, which are “used” or which “reflect” the fashion industry not by blogging themselves, but by their appearing in front of cameras & etc daily, comes from


Some self made, some – created or tangled by the industry, some even grown-up by the fancy, luxurious, stylish labels, but in the end they all are a huge benefit to the whole fashion world.. in most of the times, especially in the beginning of being a fashionista it is a free advertisement to fashion brands, later on if blog is successful sites’ traffic can be monetized not only by mainstream affiliate programs.
So, a blogger & as well as actress works as an advertisement manager outsourcer for brands, which later on , when blog reached certain number of visitors (followers) per day or a star gained certain popularity rating, choose them as a representatives & share as gifts or compliments their items, or make “projects” together & represent them on web as well as on TV & in press.

In the end in this chain everybody is connected & benefiting each from other, it might change with a time, if web overcomes print media even more & more, but this time, this moment, when fashionistas despite being out there for several years already, are quite new channel or even “profession” , is the perfect time of being spotted out by those large magazines & monetize , and even make permanent & valuable their work, as they are always looking at influences on masses on street (or on web in this case).

Picture 12

For a readers point of view this can be a huge step of getting more familiar, selected, a bit closer information, look, advertisements to them, as Fashionistas act as information ambassadors on a level between well known magazines & advertisement departments of fashion companies, which sometimes might be a bit too far for larger range of fashion lovers, if we think about economical gap between those who really can afford brands & those who dream of wearing them thru magazines, fashionistas’ approaches and info sharing , if included in beloved glittering magazines, could narrow down the gap, mix luxury with street often, teach huge companies to come-up with product lines for wider range of new target groups.

More information channels – better media, more useful products by brands we love.

Must wealth of monarchy be somehow connected to the wealth and influence of the country it represents?


Yap! Of course they do That thing as well!  You can reach them on twitter, facebook and other social media sites, not mentioning television, which they hooked-on long, long time ago already! An agent or some kind of representative will be posting in a name of this brand of course, but that’s what you’re expecting anyway…

So many scandals of non-approved pictures in magazines & over the web… Of course people are the main drive for band of BRF , as they chase for seeing something ugly or nice in monarchs lifes’ to feed their appetite for self merit . That’s from the story: ” look, how they dare?, if they can, why we can’t?” or ” when we were growing, that was not the fashion Royal family was showing”.. anything can be interpreted in various ways, but definitely they has some agency , which works for them, how does the look, how does their names appear in all print & web media… but something is not done quite right, if we dig deeper…


So, why do they keep their name “hot” & closer to the headlines? Doubt that England will ever in a hundred years change the way how their country is structured, so the earnings, of course is the one thing of why they need to be recognized, influencing, well known & etc.. British Royal Family isn’t only the Majesty of Queen, but all other members of family , who runs all kind of businesses & well known name is better leverage than not so known. But solid & respectable name could be THE BEST tool of course. In our days money is tide closely to the word/image spreading, as wealth of monarchy must be somehow connected to the wealth of the country it represents. So, see the Top 10 richest countries in the world here.


And if we look at the list of the Top 10 wealthiest royals in the world in this list, then we don’t see those faces we used to see quite often in worlds’ news headlines & as a hot topics online in social media..
Here You can find lately released official info about wealth of BRF.. so , scandalous and the most recognizable Royal brand isn’t actually so successful.. So, maybe all those PR actions done by them or happened they accidentally, whatever, really are damaging or slowing growth of the wealth & influence this brand could have if managed in different way.

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Think again, do i really LIKE this?

Are we going to loose our feelings of humanity over the next generations?

Radio, tv & newspapers as mass coding media for baby boomers, facebook & other social media for generation Z, and X & Y generations left in the middle using both earlier mentioned partly… but one thing common: all gens now are “coded” to stay immune… (don’t share Your feelings or LIKE) especially those, which are using “coolest” socializing brands in daily lives now. It is efficient to minimize options, so users can easily express themselves, but i doubt those options can be used for all events, for example:

one he/she sits on a sofa in a warm place after tasty meal & press I LIKE, this “astonishing” photo of storm or fire , or car crash, or starving refugee camp, where people lost their living  or even lives, maybe he/she would feel more comfortable to press I SAW this or I FEEL SORRY for this in stead of I LIKE this, but there are no options! And in the end it seems not human at all. Computers can’t judge, but we still can, so, why don’t we do that?

It looks like in the evolution we will just loose our feeling of compassion?

It would be just normal to add other kind of buttons under messages on social media, except I LIKE this, or i SHARE this for others to, again, LIKE this… I agree that this works for commercial and personal messages, but what about bad news? doesn’t fit so much anymore. it would be so great that mass media could take some part in educating people, helping them to express, to think, not otherwise, at least on real life topics, not commercial ones, of course, as that it the other side of doing business, building brand value & share price.

Even color is NEUTRAL blue, soon user emotions will seem to be completely neutral to everything.

how about not loosing humanity? sense of compassion? – instead of attracting others towards Your own semi-personality somewhere there online, or just not thinking of what one really feels…. How about  expressing something even if there is no time to write or say, but click on more logical option panel.

Gesecolor on Facebook daily

A need of Self-actualization even in hard times, brings wealth for some brands.

Each end every time, when some disaster strikes, social media usage brands grows, top-listed topic’s clicks & views showers the soil for coming-up advertises. Companies owning these brands are doing no harm to humanity actually by themselves & they are not over-stepping any ethical borders, to be real, they just gives the space & opportunity to reveal our true human nature, let’s remember school years, where everyone saw this Maslow’s pyramid at least once. See the NEED in the top of the triangle, & say Yes to your ego. More or less we all live daily by fulfilling a pieces of our nature, particularly Self-Actualization can be reached thru anything, what involves our mental side to be reviewed by other humans, no matter one or more, we just need in some way to obtain that feeling-drug during the day by attracting some focus of others to us, our work, our goals, aims, achievements: real ones or fake ones, true ones or imagined ones, meaningful as well as those those – created without any sense!

As many of us, i start my day by browsing news & social sites, to be honest, it is almost impossible to avoid them anymore, as all news sites are bounded to Facebook, Instagram , Foresquare & etc.. This topic on grabbed my attention after i saw several images on twitter, Instagram & Facebook with headlines about Storm Sandy, yes, yes, the MOST popular theme today (even hundred of days of someone in refugee camp somewhere in africa can’t beat one day of storm in NY city…). Topic reveals us which picture out there on web is REAL & which one is FAKE! & i thought, why would someone want to spend time & work on photoshop or grab some picture from archive or movie screen to post it on web by reflecting non-real feelings or information?

There might be several reasons of that, but in a conclusion they all fit to the top of the Maslow’s pyramid, shared above, definitely not to 2nd level of that triangle, which would be normal, to report & post photo because of SAFETY reasons of loved ones or to share Your location, or to report more about real scene, or maybe eve yes – share feelings on that scary accident or something unpleasant, but at least that makes One feel safer himself.. that all would be fine! But what we see one more pattern in our society, people instead of spending their lives with some sense, waste time & fakes-up photos of some dreadful story of others. Sure, that for those, who are trapped somewhere with cold feet in the water, to know that someone is sitting in photo-editing software & getting attention while he is safe, may seem ridiculous… if not more.

Out of human nature, even the dumb side, brands such as Instagram, Twitter & Facebook gain a commercial benefit! Perfect! I would say just brilliant! Cause their product they are offering (a space for sharing, getting attention, feel connected) – is psychologically  essential for they users.

Gesecolor on Facebook daily


Found another book of spreading theme, review will follow shortly…

London 2012 design icons.

Once again topic about Olympic Mascots 2012. I liked this post and comments on Designweek , so i decided to share it here.

London 2012 design icons – the Olympic mascots | Analysis | Design Week.

I was writing about the same topic earlier this year, where i was defending this creation as a done quite good according to a British style since London is the hosting place for the games this year. You cna read it here without scrolling:



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